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Long lasting
Easy to maintain
Adds value to home
Ageless style
Improves air quality
Variety in design


Use the Preverco iPAD App to test virtual samples of wood flooring in your own living space!
It allows you a look at samples right from the comfort of your own home and within your décor.

Hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for you to add value to your home and improve the appearance of your home's décor.

Being one of the few things in life that actually age with grace, hardwood floors look beautiful for years to come. Maintaining its durability over time, it is easy to care for, and is ecologically friendly.

Hardwood flooring truly is an investment you will get back at the time of resale. Real Estate Agents will tell you homes with hardwood floors sell faster and bring in higher sale price.

With so many options in wood types, stains colours, and board widths, our expert staff at John's Flooring will gladly share their knowledge and walk you through the process of picking the right hardwood for your home.

Call today to add value to your home.



"Just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your hard work and patience. At a time when customer service and satisfaction are almost non-existent it was a pleasure to work with you"
- The Murray Family, Whitby

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