The motto of Founder,

John Beaulieu, who in

1963 started in the

flooring business as

an installer.

That was the motto of Founder, John Beaulieu, who in 1963 started in the flooring business as an installer. Bringing a sense of pride and quality to every installation, John found his customers asking for more. In 1967 John and his wife, Denise opened their first store where they instilled that same sense of pride in service and product to everyone who worked with them.

Their typical week was 70+ hours long but the business continued to grow from referrals and repeat customers.

Today, John's Flooring is still family owned and operated by Denise and their son David who both continue the tradition of offering unmatched service and superior products.

Our valued sales staff, Steve Peddle and Mike Scriber who have a combined 50 years of service with the company offer unparalleled industry and product knowledge to their customers.

Call us today and benefit from our over 50 years of experience.

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